Our Mission Statement

Our focus is to EDUCATE customers that your PC will crash and you need to be prepared for it– whether its something planted on the internet, or just one of the random Hard Drive or Motherboard failures that are rearing their ugly heads more and more in today’s Computer Systems.

Hey, you could always try to fix it yourself!

We encourage our customers to ask questions after we get their problems fixed; because even though we want to see you again… we know you’ll trust us more if we offer to help you avoid making the same mistake over and over.

The most pervasive part of your home and office can sometimes be the most important: your computers. People of all ages depend heavily on the reliability of our internet connections, applications and PC Hardware for the information, amusement and productivity we demand from our PCs.

None of this has much worth if the computers on your desks aren’t available for employees and family members to utilize. Intellect Computer Service can provide maintenance and support for all of your desktops & laptops.

Give us a call today and let us fix your computer problems; we know you have them. Everybody does.

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